...Do not harass anybody or accuse anybody falsely...(Luke 3:14)

Promoting Awareness of Organized Harassment

Let none of you suffer evildoer or as a busybody in other people's matters. (1Peter 4:15)


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What the Bible says about Harassment

The bible makes reference to the terms 'harass' and 'harassing' but most frequently the term 'hurtful scheme' is used to denote harassment. Apparently, God has a special hatred for those devising schemes that are meant to hurt others (psychologically or physically). There are well over 50 verses in the bible about scheming what is hurtful. Only a few are listed here. The bible describes these individuals as being so wicked that they have no fear of God. These individuals are said to 'act too smoothly to [themselves] in [their] own eyes'. (Psalm 36:1-2).

  • There are six things that Jehovah does hates; yes, seven are things detestable to his soul: lofty eyes, a false tongue, and hands that are shedding innocent blood, a heart fabricating hurtful schemes, feet that are in a hurry to run to badness, a false witness that launches forth lies, and anyone sending forth contentions among brothers. (Proverbs 6: 16-19)

  • One that is good gets approval from Jehovah, but the man of [wicked] ideas he pronounces wicked. (Proverbs 12:2)

  • because the senseless one himself will speak mere senselessness, and his very heart will work at what is hurtful… (Isiah 32:6)

  • Hurtfulness is what he keeps scheming upon his bed. He stations himself on a way that is not good. What is bad he does not reject. (Psalm 36:4)

  • For it is not peace that they speak; But against the quiet ones of the earth. Things of deception they keep scheming. (psalm 35:20)

  • Look! I well know the thoughts of you men And the schemes with which you would act violently against me. (Job 21:27)

  • Woe to those who are scheming what is harmful, and to those practicing what is bad, upon their beds! By the light of the morning they proceed to do it, because it is in the power of their hand. (Micah 2:1)

  • and defraud no widow or fatherless boy, no alien resident or afflicted one, and scheme out nothing bad against one another in your hearts.’( Zechariah 7:10)

  • Then he said to me: “Son of man, these are the men that are scheming hurtfulness and advising bad counsel against this city; (Ezekiel 11:2)

  • Later Jehovah spoke to Moses, saying: “Let there be a harassing of the Midianites, and you men must strike them, because they are harassing you with their deeds of cunning that they committed against you (Numbers 25:17)

  • “‘If, though, you will not drive the inhabitants of the land away from before, then those whom you leave of them will certainly become as pricks in your eyes and as thorns in your sides, and they will indeed harass you on the land in which you will be dwelling.” (Numbers 33:55)

  • And her rival wife also vexed her sorely for the sake of making her feel disconcerted because Jehovah had closed up her womb.(1 Samuel 1:6)

  • However, if you strictly obey his voice and really do all that I shall speak, then I shall certainly be hostile to your enemies and harass those who harass you. (Exodus 23:22)

  • And he will speak even words against the Most High, and he will harass continually the holy ones themselves of the Supreme One. And he will intend to change times and law, and they will be given into his hand for a time, and times and half a time.(Daniel 7:25)

  • And in case you should enter into war in your land against the oppressor who is harassing you, you must also sound a war call on the trumpets, and you will certainly be remembered before Jehovah your God and be saved from your enemies.(Numbers 10:9)

  • And you, fathers, do not be irritating your children, but go on bringing them up in the discipline and mental-regulating of Jehovah (Ephesians 6:4)

  • You fathers, do not be exasperating your children, so that they do not become downhearted. (Colossians 3:21)

  • Do not harass anybody or accuse anybody falsely, but be satisfied with your provisions.” (Luke 3:14)

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