...Do not harass anybody or accuse anybody falsely...
(Luke 3:14)

Promoting Awareness of Organized Harassment

Let none of you suffer evildoer or as a busybody in other people's matters. (1Peter 4:15)


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Code of Silence
Individuals in the community know what is being done to you and why but no one will tell you. Furthermore no one will admit anything when you confront them about the harassment. There is a conspiracy of silence. This serves several objectives.

The perpetrators know their strategies may be less successful if you are fully aware who is targeting you, how and why.

Any admission of organizing or instigating harassment would make them liable should you choose to press charges or sue.

The denial is part of the strategy. The objective is to make sure the target seems to be the only one who perceives the harassment. This promotes significant feelings of insecurity and isolation in the mind of the target. As a result, the target will begin to question his or her own sanity and/or his or her ability to trust individuals who previously seemed trustworthy.

Certain individuals within the community who would like to explain everything to you will not come forward for fear of being targeted in turn.

Often overlooked, the Code of Silence is a key part of the Community Stalking strategy and one of the reasons to this day so few people are aware of this form of terrorism.

Counter Tactics
It's imperative that you tell everyone you know about sites like this that demystify the process of Psychological Warfare.

It's highly advisable to maintain a support network of family and friends. Make sure they understand what Community Stalking is. Make sure they understand that part of the strategy is to make the target sound psychologically unstable when describing bizarre tactics used against them.

These points will also help your family and friends to be on guard in order to avoid unknowing participation in schemes that are designed to make you distrust them.

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