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Listening to you at home

Stalkers spy on conversations in your home and over the phone

Not only do Community Stalkers want to see you, they also want to hear you. They want to know how many times you sneeze, burp, sing, talk....Most people would feel completely violated, even raped, to know that Community Stalkers figuratively break into your home and violate your privacy through the use of bugging devices. They use even insignificant details of what they hear to harass their targets. Do you like to sing in the shower? Don't be surprised if the next time you're standing in line at the post office the person standing behind you starts to sing that very song. You think it's in your mind? It must be just a coincidence right? Test them.

Do a Test
Do something a little outrageous. Nothing illegal or unscriptural. But give your Stalkers something to talk about-so to speak. Let them think they have something they can really use to drive you crazy. You might want to do it at different times of the day and night to see if you're being monitored 24/7. When they take the bait it will allow you first to confirm whether or not the Community Stalkers are listening to you in your home. Secondly, you will know how closely you are being monitored. Thirdly, you can have a good discreet laugh when you see or hear them using your 'test material' to harass you.

Your telephones can transmit sound while they're on the hook

Unbeknownst to the vast majority of the population, your telephone can be a spy's most valuable device. Most of us know that a phone line can be bugged to listen to or record phone conversations. Few people know that even when a target's phone is on the hook , it can pick up ambient noise and relay it to a listener or a recording device.

What on earth am I talking about ?! I'm talking about the Harmonica Bug or more appropriately named the Infinity Transmitter -because its possibilities are practically 'infinite'. When this device is placed on the phone line it is capable of using the speakers and handsets of every phone in your dwelling as a microphone. Apparently it can even pick up sound from the coiled cord. Of course this is highly illegal. But so is harassment. The onus is on the victim to prove it.

Counter Tactics
You must have a line analyzer/ detector on your line at all times. It is advisable to have one even before you become a target and to observe and record the voltage & resistance on the phone on a regular basis. These readings will serve as baseline values. They should always be consistent. The reading you obtain when there is no conversation in progress should always be the same. Likewise the reading when there is one phone in use should always be the same. Likewise for when there are two receivers off the hook at the same time etc.

The voltage drops when a phone is in use. The presence of a listening device on the line will affect the voltage and resistance. However the ability to detect the change in voltage and resistance will depend on the sensitivity of the measuring device. This is important to keep in mind as there are certain bugs i.e. transmitters that produce very small changes in these values thus making them more difficult to detect.

If you speak frequently with someone who you think the Community Stalkers have access to, they should probably also have a line analyzer/detector. (information and advice on proper equipment to come in another section)

In the interim if you don't yet have the appropriate equipment there are a few things you can do. If they want to listen why not give them something to listen to. You can use 'white noise generators' to block-out the sound of your voice in your home. White noises are considered persistent, random background noises. For example shower sounds, the static noise of a television station with no content, a waterfall or thunderstorm.... Regardless of what you choose it's important that there be frequencies in the noise that are within the range of the human voice. Therefore you might wan tot mix it with music. Here is a link to a site that provides white noise sound bites

Many people find these sounds quite soothing. However you may choose to tune into a radio station instead. Try to change the radio stations regularly. If you constantly stay tuned into the same station they will be able to tape the program and edit the recording to remove the audio from the radio. At least you'll make them work harder to hear what is going on in your home. If the constant changing of stations is a hassle, choose a spot on the Am or Fm dial that is between two stations and has a considerable amount of static. It will make it even harder for them to do a clean edit.

You could also play music from a record, tape or CD. The older the recording and the more difficult for them to obtain a copy the better. A compilation CD is a good choice. Try to change CD's regularly. Stop the CD and switch to radio or nothing when you leave the home.

Alternately record the sound of your own activities of daily living over a few days. If you have the software or equipment, make a 'mish mash' CD by mixing the sounds from the various days together. But make sure you don't have gaps in the sound. To avoid this you should be doing a lot of singing or play music over the days that you are using to make your CD. Don't forget to include the sound of your toilette flushing, your alarm clock going off for an extended period, your hair dryer and of course, your baby crying. Let's see how they like listening to that!

If they are using a Noise Campaign against you tape the noise. Mix the sound with sounds from the human vocal range and use this. Let them enjoy the sound of their own noise pollution – all day long.

After a while you may find it annoying to constantly have sound playing in your ambient environment. If this is the case, take one phone and the noise generator to a place in the home like a closet; storage space; or garage where you don't have to hear it all the time. You might even place them in a box or a drawer and sound proof the area.

Beware of the keypad for your alarm system. If your Stalkers have placed an Infinity Transmitter on your line, the speaker becomes a microphone. It's a Catch 22 because if you cover the speaker you hinder your ability to hear the alarm 'counting down'. In any case the design of most boxes makes it difficult to cover the speaker properly. Using a noise generator helps. But be aware of your alarm keypad and avoid having private conversations in its vicinity.

Your line can be deliberately crossed with someone else's

Remember that the Community Stalkers are now your neighbors. Any telecom technician can deliberately cross the line in a few minutes. Likely, one of your stalkers will have these skills.

Counter Tactics
Explain the situation to your phone company and have them send one of their technicians to check the line. Request written confirmation from the technician that the line was verified from within the apartment/ house out to the junction box in your neighborhood. Keep a copy of the report. Just because the technician didn't find anything doesn't mean nothing is or was there. Remember, if you are being closely monitored, your Stalkers will always be steps ahead of you to make the collection of evidence difficult.

Use a line analyzer. There should be a change in the voltage and resistance if your line is crossed with someone else's. (If someone would like to comment on the magnitude of the changes it would be appreciate

Your cell phone's microphone can be 'on' when your cell is 'off'

For under $200 anyone can purchase software that allows them to activate the microphone on your cell phone when it's off. This software also allows Community Stalkers to hear all conversations and view all incoming or outgoing text messages. It used to be that physical access to the phone was required in order to copy the SIM card. This is no longer necessary. The only information the Community Stalker needs is your phone number.

Counter Tactics
Wrap your cell phone in a material that blocks electromagnetic radiation so it can not be activated when off. Aluminum foil can be used but be careful. Wrap it well. Any break in the foil will allow the phone to pick up electromagnetic signals. (click here for more information on radiation shields)

Buy a prepaid phone under a fictitious name and do not reveal your phone number to anyone. Have your provider indicate your number as private at all times and use the phone only for outgoing calls. Remember they are listening to you in your home and on the phone. The moment they hear you give the number to anyone your cell phone privacy is compromised.

A good electromagnetic radiation detector should be able to indicate if your phone is actively sending and receiving signals when it is supposed to be off. (more on these devices to come)

Stalkers will amplify sound through walls and over distances to spy on you

Listening devices can be placed against the walls, floors and ceilings in adjacent apartments. So they can be listening to you from apartments below you, above you or next to you. They can also be listening to you from outside or apartments across the street. Parabolic microphones, electro-acoustic probes and sound amplifiers are said to be able to pick up sound in walls up to a half a meter in thickness. Many devices also pick up sound from 300 meters away. You could be driving yourself crazy thinking that your apartment is bugged when actually the listening devices being used are external to your dwelling. No wonder these terrorists are so cocky. They know you'll find nothing after you've paid $2,000 to have you home analyzed and debugged. (if anyone would like to provide additional information about these external listening devices let us know)

Counter Tactics
A noise generator seems to be the only solution here. To overcome these listening devices the noise generator needs to be in the ambient environment. In this case placing it in a sound proofed area as described above will not do. Ideally a mixture of white noise and music to get frequencies in the vocal range is a good choice. You can choose to keep it off most of the time and only put it one when you have company or you're talking on the phone.

Microphones can be hidden and disguised

Speaking of walls, microphone transmitters and recording devices can be hidden in the hollow area between wall. They can be hidden and wired in electric and phone outlets. They can be hidden in the form of alarm clocks, power bars, telephones, fire alarms, motion detectors....

Counter Tactics
If your radio frequencies seem to be shifting regularly this suggests that your home is bugged. You need an EMF/ electromagnetic radiation detector. Once you have located covert listening devices that have been illegally placed in your home, you can take this evidence to the police.

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