...Do not harass anybody or accuse anybody falsely...(Luke 3:14)

Promoting Awareness of Organized Harassment

Let none of you suffer evildoer or as a busybody in other people's matters. (1Peter 4:15)


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Noise Campaigns

Noise is a powerful weapon that will be used to destroy a targets quality of life

Community Stalkers will created unnecessary and excessive noise outside your home. The noise is used to increase the targets anxiety and stress. Stalkers will have the mufflers of their vehicles adjusted to make more noise. They will 'screech' their tires and honk their horns as they pass by your home or pass you on the streets. Emergency vehicles: police cars; ambulances; and firetrucks will pass by sounding their sirens with greater frequency.

The people in the park nearby will make more noise than usual; dogs barking, children yelling...

Community Stalkers often carry out their noise campaign during the night.

One of their objectives is also to deprive the target of sleep. No matter how healthy a person is, no one can function properly with prolonged sleep deprivation. Sleep is essential for the body to repair and heal itself. Without it, the immune system breaks down. Likewise, chronic degenerative diseases and poor general health are associated with sleep deprivation. Targets suffer from memory loss, poor concentration and depression.

From the outset it doesn't appear to be serious. It's just noise right? Well wake-up because just noise can kill someone. Not immediately of course. But slowly and surely. It doesn't take prolonged sleep deprivation before the health of the mind and body deteriorate. Within a few weeks a person can be driven to depression and suicide. Go just three nights without sleep and see how quickly you start to feel depressed.

Counter Tactics
If mufflers are adjusted to make noise above the legal limit and people are driving by and screeching their tires, call the police and make a complaint. Ask the police for increased surveillance in the area. Take note of the officer you speak with, the date and time. If the noise doesn't stop within a few days, try to record the noise, the time of day and identify the vehicles if possible. Make a second complaint. Record your conversations with the police.

Have a security camera installed in front of your home. Make sure that it can also record sound. It would be great to have before and after footage to show what your neighborhood sounded like before you were targeted.

If you don't have a security camera, record the noise and keep it with the rest of your evidence.

Wear earplugs. Make sure you get a comfortable pair for sleeping. Also make sure you clean or change them regularly to prevent ear infections.

Play music in your home to create pleasant background noise. It will reduce the impact of the noise pollution. Use white noise in your bedroom at night while you sleep. It can be very soothing. At the right volume it can even dampen-out the sound of the noise campaign completely. Here is a link where you can download white noise sound bites.

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