...Do not harass anybody or accuse anybody falsely...
(Luke 3:14)

Promoting Awareness of Organized Harassment

Let none of you suffer evildoer or as a busybody in other people's matters. (1Peter 4:15)


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Stalkers will move into your neighborhood to monitor you. It's especially easy to move into neighborhoods that have a lot of rental units. They will rent apartments above, below and/or adjacent to you. They will also rent apartments in front and behind your dwelling.

Stalkers obsess over minute details of your life. They want to know where you go and what your activities are but they also want to know what you do in your home. Why?

The whole purpose of Community Stalking is to drive someone to a nervous breakdown or to suicide. They are looking to understand what makes you tick and they have to find the buttons to push. These buttons can be different for every person. What is it that means most to you : your family and friends, your dog, your blue Mercedes, your job, your privacy, your jewelry, your vacation home, your spirituality. Community Stalkers will try to use whatever you treasure against you. They analyze every detail of the target's life to determine how to hit them the hardest. Every person has vulnerabilities. Community Stalkers seek to exploit them.

They also use surveillance to keep several steps ahead of you and react quickly to counter or nullify any evidence you may have collected should you decide to make a formal complaint to the authorities.

Surveillance within the home

Most of us use venetian blinds, both horizontal and vertical to cover the windows. When open these blinds have spacings between the sectionals that allow stalkers to see in your home. Even when closed many blinds will have gaps between sections. These blinds tend also to be installed about an inch away from the window so there are permanent gaps on the sides. Most people could care less about these small openings and find it far fetched that someone would try to peer through them to get a glimpse of what is happening in their home. However remember that people are investing time and money to destroy you. They are going to attempt whatever it takes to see a return on their investment. Everything is important to them from where you usually sit in your living room to how many times you get up at night to use the bathroom.

Telescopes & binoculars

Community Stalkers will use telescopes and binoculars to look into the target's home. This is one of the reasons why they move into apartments to the front and back of your dwelling. When it is not possible to get good angles to peer into the home from these apartments, they will use mobile units parked on the street or parking lots nearby.

Counter Tactics
You still have to live and feel comfortable in your home. It's not advisable to keep your shades or blinds closed all the time. That would block-out all of the natural sunlight. You'd essentially be creating a kind of dungeon for yourself. This is exactly what they want. They want you to feel trapped and imprisoned in the nightmare they are trying to create for you. Besides, even when closed, gaps can reveal more than you think. Just remember the camera lens on your cell phone is only a few millimeters in diameter. I recommend that you purchase semi-transparent plastic window covering.

Don't buy the adhesive kind. You still need to be able to look through your own window in case of an emergency. It's normal that objects are visible within 3 inches of the membrane. However you shouldn't be able to see much beyond 4 inches. If you can, the material is too transparent. Make sure you test it first before you purchase. If you're still not sure you can always buy a small piece to take home and test. And choose something that you enjoy looking at if possible. Many of these semi-transparent window coverings have bamboo, floral and other decorative patterns. Remember you will have to cover every window with this.

Place it between your venetian blinds (or curtains) and your window. Install it so the entire surface of the window is covered and there are no gaps they can peer through. For easy installation use thumb tacks. Use scotch tape to seal close any gaps you may have. You could also use self-adhesive double sided tape around the window perimeter but that would be very messy to remove.

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