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Vehicle Whereabouts

GPS trackers can be placed in or under your vehicle

The same technology that is used to keep you on course using electronic maps installed on your dashboard, is the same technology stalkers use to keep track of your whereabouts. An electronic GPS map emits electromagnetic signals that allow satellites to determine your location on the planet. Community Stalkers can secretly place GPS emitters or tracking devices in or under your vehicle. Stalkers don't even need to be viewing your whereabouts in real time. The information will be logged onto their computer. At the end of the day, they can see where you have been and how much time you spent at each location.

Counter Tactics
Some recommend the use of GPS jammers however I have been told that the jammers only block half the signal and are not capable of preventing the entire signal from being emitted. (If anyone reading this would like to elaborate on this technical issue and make a statement about the efficacy of these devices, contact us, your input would be appreciated.)

A physical inspection of the vehicle would reveal the presence of the trackers however, you have to consider the cost (usually $600+) vs the benefit. In practical terms if they know you are looking for the device or have made an appointment to have it detected they will either try to remove it before you find it or try to pay off the company that will be doing the inspection so they don't report finding it.

If you find a tracker at least you have some physical evidence that you are being stalked and you can take it to the police. You should have the inspection company write a report that you will take to the police confirming the date of the inspection, the company that did the inspection and what they found. But do remember that proving you have a tracking device on your vehicle and proving who put it there are two different things. Likewise it does not stop them from placing another one. It has been said that often stalkers will place more than one tracking device. So if you find one it doesn't mean you have found all of them.

It is highly advisable to park you vehicle in a garage most of the time especially at night and when you are away for an extended period of time. However this is not a guarantee they will not access your car. If you are being followed for some time, your routines and habits have been analyzed. They already know the best time to do it. It's impossible to keep an eye on one's car all the time. They may even place or remove devices in broad daylight. They park vans strategically to the side and back of your car do shield the person for the 2 to five minutes it takes to place or remove the devices.

If you park your vehicle outdoors, use a video camera to monitor your car.

Your own cell phone can be used as a tracking device

Cell phones constantly provide coordinates of your geographic location to the central in case you need to be located in an emergency. However this feature also allows Stalkers to locate you at all times even when your cell phone is off.
Stalkers can purchase the software that allows them to do this for under $200. The software can be installed on your phone without your knowledge. It can be done by someone who has access to your phone or it can be done remotely by sending a text message to your phone. The software will run on your phone in the 'background' without any visible presence in the form of menu icons or labels.

To make matters worse. Currently there is no 'antivirus or anti-spyware' on the market for cell phones and there is no way to rid your phone of the program except to purchase a new phone. The perpetrators are at a tremendous advantage here.

Counter Tactics
Remove the battery from your phone. This will prevent your phone from emitting a signal that allows your location to be detected. Note however that cell phones have a back-up battery in order for the internal clock to maintain proper time. If anyone could comment on the capacity of this back-up battery to provide enough energy to send the electromagnetic signals for location detection, please let us know.

Wrapping or placing your phone is something like
aluminum that will block electromagnetic signals is recommended. Test the shield out. Call your phone from a landline or other cell. If your phone does not ring even though it's on, your shield works. (click here for info on radiation shields)

If possible get a new phone and prepaid services. Sign up for the services under a fictitious name. If you are constantly being followed it would be best if someone you trust can purchase the phone for you. Be careful though. It is not unusual for stalkers to monitor your family and friends as a preventative measure to ensure you have no way of obtaining un-monitored methods of communication and to limit your ability to collect evidence against them. Only use this phone for outgoing calls. Do not give the phone number to anyone. The moment you start distributing your number you are putting yourself at risk. The only thing stalkers need to access your phone is your phone number.

Exercise caution with regards to the location of your private calls. Cell phones send signals through the air. This means that individuals in the vicinity with the know how can intercept the signal and decode it. If you doubt individuals in your community have these skills remember that these services can always be paid for. If your community has the will and means to position live-in stalkers within your neighbourhood chances are they will be very thorough in their attempts to monitor you.

In the States, disposable cell phone can be purchased from vending machines. This would probably be the best way to make confidential calls. Unfortunately these are not yet available in Canada.

Street and traffic cameras can be hacked into to observe your whereabouts

Counter Tactics
Try to avoid taking highways or roads with street cameras. Try to use back roads for a good portion of your trip so it becomes difficult to keep track of you using with this method. If your city has instant traffic updates available online that show pictures or video of the highways and streets this will give you an idea where most of the street cameras are located.

You will be followed by a caravan of vehicles where ever you go

They will not be positioned behind you at all times. Two or three vehicles will follow at a safe distance while other vehicles will be located at strategic locations along your assumed routes. The stalkers communicate with each other via walkie-talkies or cell phones and inform each other of your every move. In order to avoid detection, stalkers change vehicles on a daily basis. They may use rented vehicles or simply borrow the vehicles of community members. No one vehicle will follow you for a long time. When one car stops following you another vehicle picks up where the previous one left off. These are some of the reasons why it can take weeks or even months for someone to realize they are being followed.

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