...Do not harass anybody or accuse anybody falsely...
(Luke 3:14)

Promoting Awareness of Organized Harassment

Let none of you suffer evildoer or as a busybody in other people's matters. (1Peter 4:15)


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inor vandalism is used to make the target look crazy

Community Stalkers will vandalize your property. All kinds of property. Your home, your vehicle, your business cards. Their preference is to damage your belongings in a way that is only obvious to you. In other words the damage is too insignificant for the police to write a formal report. They want you to appear crazy to everyone especially the authorities. Instead of throwing a can of paint on your car, they will paint one black dot about an inch in diameter on your bumper.

Furthermore they will use paint that fades over time so you're left with something that looks more like an unfortunate stain rather than a deliberate act of vandalism. Any normal person would wonder why someone who wants to vandalize your car would just paint a small spot. Well the answer is simple. If the vandalism is severe enough the authorities would have to take your claims of being targeted seriously. Community Stalkers are trying to
ruin your credibility. They don't want anyone to take you seriously.

They will have a half a millimeter cut off two sides of your business cards just so you know they have recruited your printer.

They will watch you while you do your gardening and the moment you go inside they will pull out from the soil the plants you just planted.

They will use a BB-gun to make a hole in your window screen or window.

In the absence of witnesses, none of these offenses are severe enough to call the police. All of these can be assumed to be the result of unfortunate coincidences.

The mark on the car is just an accidental stain that occurred while driving; the printer made a minor mistake in his alignment; a dog or animal dug up your plants; a stray rock from the road hit your screen or your glass. Therefore...the harassment is in your mind. You are suffering from paranoia.

Are you a woman? A single mom perhaps? They'll write you off as just another crazy lady suffering from stress.

Counter Tactics
The only way to prove that these are not coincidences is to have a witness. Since you can't have someone with you all the time...get video cameras. You need to have your home, your vehicle and yourself equipped with video recorders at all times.

You may have to remove the recorder from your car when it's parked. But park your car at night where your surveillance cameras can see it. Make sure the exterior of your home is lit at night. Opt for the surveillance camera in the dome rather than a conventional unit. The lens of the latter can easily be covered.

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