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Code of Silence
This is the best kept secret and the reason few people know what Organized Harassment/ Stalking is.

Smear Campaigns
Stalkers aim to destroy their victim's credibility and terrorize them into silence.

Perpetrators will move into your neighborhood to monitor you. They will rent apartments and even rent or buy houses.

1. Viewing into your home
2. Listening to you at home
3. Your vehicle whereabouts
4. Whereabouts on foot

How low will a Group Stalker go? Yes the claims are be continued.

Noise Campaigns
Noise is a powerful weapon that will be used to destroy a target's quality of life.

Harassment Skits
Harassment skits are designed to traumatize victims and make them think everyone is against them.

Street Theatre


Minor vandalism is used to make the target look crazy.

Daily threats are used to instill fear in the target and push them over the edge



Swarming & Space Invasion

Convoys of Vehicles

Media Placement
If you are targeted by a large company or an international organization (for example a religious organization) that has considerable amounts of money and human resources at their disposal, you're in for a heck of a time be continued.

Good Cop - Bad Cop
The perpetrator or his allies will often play the good guy and offer help and support in dealing with the situation. They will delegate someone to try to reach out to you. The chosen co-worker, neighbor or congregation elder will appear to be sympathetic and offer to help you find the people involved in harassing you. If you already know who your harassers are and show no interest in speaking with him, he may phone your family or those close to you to let them know that he is worried and wants to help you.

Reaching out to those who are close to you serves the purpose of further alienating you from them. He will try to convince them that he is the 'Good Guy' and he is  on your side. He may test them to see how much you've told them about the situation and how much they believe. If he sees that your family or friends have any doubts about the veracity of your claims, he will exploit these doubts. He will try to convince them that you are suffering from paranoia or some other mental illness. 

Counter Tactics

Tell your family and friends to eventually expect one of these calls and tell them to either hang-up the moment the perpetrator displays his hypocrisy or  let him know that you know he is the perpetrator before you hang-up. Tell the Elder to save his lies and hypocrisy for the day he will have to stand before God Almighty and justify his actions.



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