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( I am not one to write every detail of my daily life but I have decided to start this blog due to the escalation of the violence against me. This is what it is like to be a victim of gang stalking)


Contamination of the Water Supply - Update

Wednesday June 29th 2016

I can not believe how long it has been since my last update. Things have been beyond crazy. My water situation had gone from bad to worse. According to the city I am the only one who has complained about the water. They claim they have not received any other complaints. If that is true then the problem is in the vicinity of my home.

The city refuses to do any testing beyond chlorine and bacteria and has sent me two notices indicating that my water is safe. Meanwhile I have avoided using the water in my home for a year. I use gloves to wash the dishes and for a long time I was fine as long as I didn't cook with the water or let it touch my skin.

I got tired of waiting for the city to address the problem and started paying a private lab to do some tests on my water. I had also purchased a radiation detector. If my radiation detector is working properly my problem is not related to radiation.

I think my problem might be related to trihalomethanes. I spoke to an expert in toxicology who suggested that I check for this. How can this be a coincidence - when I went to pick up the bottles at the lab to provide the samples of water, upon my return home I noticed that the concentration of whatever was in my water was significantly lower. It's like the contamination just stopped gradually over 48h. Why would this suddenly happen? So I am suspicious that someone has decided to stop putting that chemical in my water because they knew I was having my water tested. As a result I ended up with a sample that was not as highly concentrated in the contaminant and did not represent the usual scenario with the water in my residence. I sent the samples to the lab anyways. The results came back normal but one of the samples was relatively close to the "safety" limit. Of the two samples, it was also the sample that I reacted more strongly to. This is not exactly scientifically conclusive but it does suggest that I might be right. It could be that my water supply was contaminated with trihalomethanes for a year.

Over the past few days the situation has gotten much worse. It feels like there is a different chemical in the water now. With this one I can not simply use gloves to wash the dishes. This chemical is volatile and it enters the lungs and causes problems breathing. These are my symptoms: nasal and pulmonary congestion, diarrhea, headache, nausea, mild loss of sensation in the hands and feet. After prolonged exposure it starts to feel like your hands and feet are being lightly frozen - like when you go to a dentist and he freezes your tooth. When the windows are open and the place is aerated the symptoms subside. But if I open the tap and let the water run, the symptoms come back.

Does someone have access to my water supply? If so how did they get access to it?

I bought a whole home water filtration system to have installed. I was speaking to the plumber who may do the installation. He says there are two water mains entering the residence from outside and he doesn't understand why I would have two. The norm is to have one water main entering the building. I spoke to someone else - not a plumber, but they told me the same thing (I am under the impression the installation will cost more because of this).

To make things worse, they are poisoning my mother's food with chemicals that are damaging her eyes. Every time I eat two servings of her meals my eyes hurt within a half hour or so. She started complaining a couple months ago about pain in her eyes and I thought it was strange. I asked her if she was eating the same things consistently and she showed me some of the supplements she was taking. A vitamin C tablet for example and a couple other things. So I tried her vitamin C and I experienced a pain in my eyes that I had never yet experienced in my lifetime...

There is so much going on. I don't even have the time to go into all of the details but i'll try to do updates more frequently. As much as the doctrine of the Jehovah's Witnesses still appeals to me - I can not ignore the fact that the Jehovah's Witnesses are a Murderous Cult. If only people knew how dangerous it is to be involved with these people.

May the Creator bless you. Thanks for reading.


Contamination of the Water Supply Continues...

Sunday July 10th 2016

I wanted to record this in writing because some of the changes with my water supply are getting difficult to keep track of. If the changes in my symptoms and the way I feel are an accurate guide, there have been 2 or 3 different chemicals in the water supply over the past few days. I had the water filtration system installed. I was fortunate enough to get a plumber to do it asap. It's an activated charcoal system.

Has the situation improved since the installation - yes but not enough to be tolerable. I no longer feel the volatile substance that was causing severe breathing problems and numbness in the hands and feet. After the installation I started having a completely new symptom. My skin would itch all over whenever I washed the dishes. If I had a lot of dishes to wash, prolonged exposure to the water would make my eyes start to itch and then my nose would get stuffy. I would say this is what people experience when they suffer from allergies except, I have no allergies. Furthermore I have never heard an allergy sufferer state that their symptoms get worse when they are exposed to their tap water. That would mean there are allergens in the water. I'm no expert but it seems to me there shouldn't be any allergens in water coming from the filtration plant.

The itching I would only experience while I was by the sink washing dishes or running the water. Once the faucet ws turned off or I went to another area of my home, the symptoms would go away. So that problem lasted for about 2-3 days. Whatever the substance was, it has to be something that made it past the charcoal filters. In fact I've learned there are quite a few dangerous substances that charcoal filters can not remove. They don't remove mercury, arsenic, fluoride, nitrates, bacteria and some other substances.

So the itchiness just suddenly stopped and I started getting new symptoms. As I was washing the dishes I would feel like my hands were becoming weak and the muscles in my hands were starting to fail. Luckily I didn't have lots of dishes to wash.But even when I was done and went to another area of my home I was getting strange sensations all over my body that are difficult to describe. In my head, in my ears in my arms...After reading that mercury can exist as a gas and/or be vaporized I decided to get an oxygen monitor. I was told by a fireman and an air quality specialist that if a gas that doesn't mix with oxygen is present in the air, the oxygen level in the room will drop indicating the presence of another gaseous substance.

A decent oxygen detector is pretty pricy - about five hundred dollars. So I opted to rent a monitor for now. Upon installing the detector the readings were normal. I also have to consider that I was out for a few hours and I left the windows open to aerate. When I got back the air was fine. I was able to breath it without experiencing any symptoms.

I was anticipating a potential change in the reading once I opened the tap water. I let the water run and for the first second or so I could feel a volatile substance in the water but the feeling didn't last long and I wasn't getting muscles weakness or the strange sensations I was getting previously.

I can feel there is still something in the water but it doesn't feel the same. In any case the oxygen monitor has been running 24h per day. Since having it I have been able to clean my floors and wash some clothes but I wouldn't bathe in this water. I can still feel there is something in it. I have to get additional water filters and /or have more analyses done on the water. I still have to shower elsewhere until this situation is resolved. I probably shouldn't even be washing my clothes, dishes etc. in this water but I'm trying to maintain a decent level of hygiene despite the situation.

I hope this blog is helpful to many who want to know what it's REALLY like to be a free thinking Jehovah's Witness. Sometimes I am under the impression that it's only the perpetrators who read this blog...

Nonetheless I persist.


May the Creator bless you. Thanks for reading.



Sunday July 17th 2016

I was driving home yesterday evening and I turned into a mall parking lot to make my usual stop. The entrance to the mall has one lane for entering and one lane for exiting. These lanes are right next to each other with only a painted line as a divider. I was driving in the far right lane of the street. I made a right turn to enter the mall when out of nowhere a grey SUV (toyota i think) swerved into the lane next to mine almost hitting my car. He entered using the exit lane of the parking lot !

A highly illegal maneuver. It could not have been the car behind me because as I remember it was a sedan not an SUV. Also to pull this off the driver would have needed to:

  1. make the right turn from the middle lane of the street
  2. have assistance from other drivers to drive at a slower pace and hold traffic back so that he could complete this maneuver without hitting cars driving in the right lane
  3. have assistance from cars to make sure there would be no oncoming traffic in the exit lane
    of the mall parking lot. Actually there is some road work at one end of the parking lot and this also helped to minimize the risk of there being oncoming traffic in the exit lane.

I slammed the breaks as it seems from the angle of his car that he wanted to swerve in front of my vehicle. I guess the objective was for me to hit him but I hit the breaks before he was able to get in front of my car.

There is no way this was just some random crazy driver. He could not have entered the exit lane without seeing my car. This guy was hoping for a collision. And he was so close to my vehicle. I couldn't even open the driver's door to get out of the car if I wanted to.

I guess he stopped his vehicle after I hit the brakes. His vehicle was slightly ahead of mine. I turned to look at the driver and I rolled down my window to speak to him. He started yelling at me "Did I hit your car? I didn't hit your car. Just Go! Just Go!" He had a violent demeanor. There was music playing on his stereo system. I kid you not, these are the only lyrics I heard, "This is a warning! This is a warning! This is a warning!..." He wore a white shirt on a small to medium frame. He had a very dark complexion, almost black and a heavy African accent. Not the typical stalker I'm used to. It's shameful what some of these immigrants will do for money.

My dash camera moved somewhat when I slammed the breaks but I am pretty sure it got all of the audio clearly. I will try to get the audio up for listening or download. It's surreal to hear this guy yelling at me behind the backdrop of music stating "This is a warning! This is a warning!..."


Using modified cars to 'Gas Bomb' targets

Friday August 5th 2016

Last night at around 10pm my living room window was open and I heard an emergency vehicle driving by with the sirens sounding. I don't know if it was a police car, ambulance or fire truck, etc. I didn't look outside the window at that moment. Then a bus passed but for some reason it stopped for longer than it usually does. I doubt there was a huge line up of people waiting to get on the bus. I wasn't looking out the window but I could hear the bus idling right outside. It probably had something to do with the emergency vehicle. Perhaps they were redirecting traffic, I thought.

After perhaps 15 - 20 seconds I started to feel weak so I got up to close the window. As I walked to the window the sensation grew stronger. I knew whatever was causing the symptoms was coming from outside. More specifically it was coming from the bus.

I think there are potentially lots of people being harmed in their attempt to target me. Some of these individuals are willing participants in the harassment but I get the feeling their handlers are not telling them everything that goes on. Nor are they aware of all of the risks they are subjecting themselves to.

In the past they have used vehicles to "gas bomb" me. They have resumed this tactic recently, but now I guess they are using buses?!! Perhaps they figured I would never suspect a city bus to be in the mix...

I had read many years ago that 'gas bombing' using cars is a tactic used by organized stalkers. Apparently they modify their vehicles so that a toxic substance can flow out of the exhaust along with the normal emanations from the car ast it burns fuel. It's plausible that they can also use parked vehicles to release these toxic substances into the air.

Actually nothing surprises me anymore. If the Watchtower has the resources to buy a few police officers and detectives, why wouldn't they have the resources to buy or rent a bus for their purposes.

I don't care how much money they have or who they can buy. I know the Almighty sees everything and I firmly believe that the Watchtower and it's minions will soon get a megadose of their own medicine.

What you do to others will be done to you.


Contamination of the Water Supply - From Bad to Worse

Sunday November 13th 2016

The water situation could not be worse. Let me give more details about the progression of this insanity.

I was advised over the summer that the city was going to work on the pipes in the road. A couple weeks after receiving this information I was pleasantly surprised with a few days of relatively decent water quality. But something in me told me it wouldn't last. I knew the problem I was having with my water was above and beyond the need to change some old pipes in the road. In any case I took advantage of the opportunity to do a few loads of laundry, mop the floors water the plants indoors and outdoors etc. All of the things I didn't want to do with the contaminated water. Honestly I don't think I should be using it for anything but I have been washing dishes with it (I have to try to find a way around this as well). After a few days I noticed that the water started to feel waxy. When I washed my hands it felt like there was a thin film of wax on them and I felt like I needed to wash them again. For half a day I thought my hands were super greasy or something but then I realized the waxiness was coming from the water. I might be wrong but I felt the waxy deposits would ruin the filters that I just paid about $2,000 for (including installation). So I turned off the valve that allows the water to flow through my water filters.

Within a few days the city shut the intake valve from the street so I had to be hooked up to the temporary water supply that was flowing through rubber tubes on the road surface. Once again the water quality seemed to improve for a few days. The waxiness disappeared.

The home was hooked up to the temporary network for about 6 weeks. During that time the water quality varied almost from day to day. At times it was waxy, at times it irritated my eyes… I had become accustomed to closing the valve for the water at night. I didn’t want another episode where I woke up in the morning with toxic air and difficulty breathing. Especially since the water was no longer flowing through my filters I knew I needed to take additional precautions.

After six weeks the temporary network was removed and we were back on the regular network.

It didn’t take long. The water became very irritating to my eyes. So much so that I could not allow my hand to come into contact with the water for even a second. Whatever the chemical was it was very well absorbed through the skin and the reaction was immediate. Dryness and tightness in the eyes with red veins in the eye. I would wake up in the morning with reddish eyes.

It’s very frustrating because every time I make preparations to analyse for something in the water, the symptoms change within a few days. So I’m assuming that the chemical contaminant is also changing and I have to do research again to try and figure out what it could be. Then I have to find a lab that does that type of analysis. The labs want you to tell them what chemicals to look for. I have basically given up on the public utilities department. They refuse to analyse for anything more than chlorine and bacteria. They actually wrote me two reports indicating that my water is safe. How on earth can you analyse for only two substances and declare that the water is safe!

So anyways we are currently in November. From August until recently the major symptom was the redness and dryness in the eyes. However, since a few weeks ago the water composition went from bad to nightmarish. Not only does it cause dryness, tightness and redness of the eyes, I am pretty sure there are heavy metals back in the water. I feel strange sensations in my bladder, my kidneys, my liver… It’s a cocktail of that plus some chemical that causes a high level of irritation to what is called your ‘non-keratinized’ tissue. This is the tissue in your mouth at the back of the throat etc. And there is something else that makes me feel very drowsy and also something that makes my arms feel numb. ALL OF THAT AT THE SAME TIME. I had no choice but to close the water valve completely. Carbon filters do not remove heavy metals and I don’t know what else there is in the water but it’s obviously able to bypass the carbon filters.

So I have been living in my home for over a week now with NO RUNNING WATER. Lucky for me I had started placing bins outside to collect rain water. That rain water is what I am using to flush my toilets. For over a year now I have been getting water that I use to cook with etc. from a family member. But at least I was able to wash my dishes and flush a toilette. Now I can’t even to that. If it does not rain, I will have to bring a much larger amount of water… I don’t even want to think about this right now.

I am basically living in survival mode. As much as this is uncomfortable for me to do, if I have to do this for a while until I can get myself organized to deal with these people properly, I will have to do it. I comfort myself by knowing that people have lived for thousands of years ‘off the grid’ so to speak with no running water. I should be able to figure this out and survive despite the inconveniences.

Unfortunately for me so much of my time is spent dodging the attacks on my health - my life, etc. that it takes away from other important things like making enough money to pay for all of the analyses required to prove to the city that they have made a grave error. I am pretty sure this is also part of the harassment strategy.

There are a lot of additional problems they keep you busy with. The electricity company was charging me 3 times more than they should even after I sent them a picture of the meter and requested an adjustment; the printer company that I paid 8 months ago is suddenly claiming that I owe them over $200 for a bill that I paid in person and onsite. I even have the authorization number of the transaction but it seems the company has either duplicated or invented another invoice and they have been phoning me almost daily over the past two weeks. Another company performed a hard credit check on me without my knowledge or consent…

Their strategy is too keep you so busy dealing with problems that you can’t advance in your attempt to defend yourself against them.

When fighting the Watchtower I would say it’s best done as a team. It’s important to have a good support system because it creates a lot of work for them to attack many people at the same time. My support system I would say is mediocre at best because most of the members of my family are still in denial. However a strong character and strong faith I think can compensate for any weakness.

I have received a few letters from other Jehovah’s Witnesses who state they have also been targeted by the organization. I sincerely hope that your level of harassment never reaches the situation that I am in. However, I hope this information will serve you well in preparing for what could happen.

Even though we are in different parts of the world and have different problems to deal with, if each and every one of us do what we can to fight this monster, I am sure the Creator will bless our efforts.

David had to go out and confront Goliath though he only had a rock and a sling, did he not?







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