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( I am not one to write every detail of my daily life but I have decided to start this blog due to the escalation of the violence against me. This is what it is like to be a victim of gang stalking)


Jehovah's Witnesses are trying to murder me

Tuesday January 20th 2015 - Friday January 30th 2015

Harassment at work and the postal service

Saturday February 7th 2015 - Sunday February 15th 2015

Poisoning update and Scientology "Going Clear"

Thursday May 14th 2015 - Saturday June 6th 2015


Poisoning of Water Supply & The Fake Two Witness Rule

Friday August 21st 2015 - Sunday October 15th 2015


Contamination of the Water Supply - From Bad to Worse

Wednesday June 29th 2016 - Sunday November 13th 2016


Jehovah's Pedophiles and Their Masonic Network

Friday November 3rd 2017 - Thursday September 27th 2018


"Hello World" Again - The Site has been Down for Almost 2 Years

Wednesday August 5th 2020

It feels good to have the site back up.
What happened?
Well they found a way to prevent me from getting the renewal notices for a few services. Somehow the host's server suddenly became 'incompatible' with my email server. So for months I had no idea the site was down. When I did realize it was down, I didn't want to continue with the same host. I put it on my to do list to find another email & web host. My to do list is very long and the situation being what it is with a new emergency popping up regularly, I finally got around to putting the site back online today.

Thanks to the Almighty I am still here and I am relatively well.

That being said the harassment or attempts at murder depending on your perspective, have not stopped and have not slowed down. It keeps me very busy. I typically can only eat 50% of the food I purchase because the rest is poisoned/ contaminated in some way.

Water Contamination

My water is still contaminated and now there is even fat in the water. For some strange reason I seem to be the Only One who can feel the fat in the water. Actually, the fat in the water is a problem throughout the city, not just at my residence. I felt the fat when washing my hands in public washrooms but the city claims I Am The Only One Complaining about it and therefore it must be in my mind. I have filters on my pipes and the fat is visible on the filters. I sent them pictures. I have asked the city to come and inspect the filters for almost 2 months and they refuse. They want to talk to me over the phone to ask me questions abou the water. I have informed them I am more than happy to answer their questions but I want them to send me their questions in writing as I have been communicating with them for the most part via email. They are insisting that they cannot send me the questions via email and must absolutely ask me the questions over the phone.

It's obvious they don't want this issue to be properly documented. They are so corrupt. I am probably not exaggerating when I say that everyone in this city is controlled by the mafia and the freemasons.

Severe Sciatic Nerve Pain

I should mention that for the first time in decades I had to go to see a doctor in February 2020. I couldn't walk. Well, I was on crutches. I couldn't use my left leg. Normally I would not go to the hospital unless I cannot resolve the issue on my own. There was a moment when I was actually afraid I would never be able to use my left leg again. I have never, ever, ever, experienced that kind of pain. It felt like my leg was coming apart from the hip socket. It felt like the surrounding ligaments and muscles were too weak to keep the bone in position. At some point I think the bone was slightly displaced from the socket as my left leg felt longer than my right leg. I didn't sleep for 2 weeks. I could not find a position that was not painful. Through reading and research I figured out that I had severe sciatic nerve pain. I placed three pillows under my abdomen and was finally able to sleep with my body in a triangular position with my bum being the peak of the triangle.

So when I read about sciatic pain a understood that there is usually some sort of trauma that triggers it. But in my case there was no trauma.

I am pretty sensitive. That is why I am able to detect most of the poisons they plant for me. However, it took me over a month to realize my sciatic pain was coming from the food I was eating. Ok this is a simplistic way to describe this. Let's just say that the weakness in the muscles around the joints and the lower back pain that eventually culminated in severe sciatic nerve pain, were from food and air poisoning. I never imagined it was possible to cause muscle damage or weakness through food. This is my first experience with this type of problem. That's why it took me so long to figure this out. That and the fact that the initial sensations upon eating foods poisoned to cause this are so subtle that if you are not actively paying attention to your body while you are eating, you will miss it. I remember thinking, "why is it my pain feels worse after I eat?" The initial sensation is almost pleasant. It feels like a gentle fluttering or two finger massage running up and down your left leg. The stronger the 'fluttering' sensation the worse the pain in your joint will be by the time you're done eating.

Whatever the name of the chemical is that causes this, it is also volatile and effective as an airborne poison. I purchased a bag with wheels because with only one good leg I could not lift groceries. They knew I was looking for this so they sprayed down a bag with the chemical and planted it at a store where I was shopping. As I was driving home I thought, "Is my pain getting worse?". I rolled down the windows for a while and I felt a little better. The next morning I was in so much pain I knew it had to be from something I had just purchased. When I realized it was the bag with the wheels I got it out of my living space and the symptoms started to subside.

They are still planting this chemical on items. I try to purchase very few new things because it increases my risk of being poisoned. I should also mention that I usually work from home. However, in January 2020 I spent a considerable amount of time working in an office outside of my home. I believe they poisoned the air in the office. As I was being exposed to it in the air AND in my food I was severely impacted.

So I am moderately athletic - I would say. I haven't gone jogging for at least a year but I still try to remain active. I am able to put my weight on my left leg now and walk normally. However there are exercises that I still cannot do as they are just too painful. I am trying to dodge their attempts at poisoning my leg but I know I am still being exposed to the chemical. I would have regained full motion by now if they had stopped poisoning me. It takes about 1 month for the toxin to come out of your system completely.

It was a hard lesson to learn but an important one. I am happy the Almighty has allowed me to understand that half the time when people think their condition is due to chance or aging, they might have actually been exposed to a contaminant that triggered the problem. Whether or not that contaminant was meant for them or someone else.


Electronic Harassment is Real

Thursday August 6th 2020

I really want to write this now because I don't know when my next entry will be. As you can imagine the harassment keeps me quite busy.

Being Tasered in my Sleep

As I write this I can hear the perpetrators driving up and down the street revving their engines and noisy mufflers. Indicative that what I am about to write is important? Perhaps.

I am not sure if there is a keylogger on my computer that allows them to know what I am writing or if they are using tempest Van Eck Phreaking, but they do know everything I write on my computer.

In any case, what I wanted to say is that about a year ago the orgonite pendant I usually wear broke. So I wasn't able to wear it for a couple weeks. About 10 years ago I had read about the 'benefits' of orgonite and I thought I might as well try it because in the worst case scenario it would be completely ineffective and harmless. So I had made my own orgonite pendant that I ALWAYS wear. I would have purchased one but they all looked too 'new age witchy weird' to me (the engine noises outside just got louder. I think there's motorcycles now). So I used copper and quartz some colorful beads and made something that didn't look too weird. I didn't want people asking me what I was wearing around my neck. I usually tuck it into my shirt. But when it's visible, I actually get a few compliments on it now and again.

Point being that one night when I was NOT WEARING MY PENDANT I woke up in the middle of the night to the sensation of being mildly electrocuted or tasered!!

I was terrified.

I had read about targets being victims of electronic harassment but thus far the EMF harassment I had experienced was not that intense. I remember ignoring most of what I came across about electronic torture in my research because it was too frightening to imagine. I didn't want to traumatize myself through my reading and increase my level of stress. So I deliberately avoided the subject matter.

So most of my muscles were vibrating and I understood instantly that if my heart muscle is targeted I could die of a heart attack in my sleep. I have never had high cholesterol, my blood pressure is low normal, my pulse is normal and they can kill you from a distance and make it look like you died of some type of unexplained heart failure.

"They have been targeting me for a decade why is this happening now,"I thought. I realized I was not wearing the pendant that I almost ALWAYS WEAR and I found a way to strap it to my chain. Within a few minutes the feeling of being electrocuted from a distance stopped. I am no expert on this but i think it's the metal content in the pendant that causes a problem for them when they want to 'zap' you.

I realized that I also needed to line my walls with aluminum. Forget about all the tin foil hat jokes. This can save your life. I should have lined my walls years ago but did not want to feel like I was living in a prison. After the taser incident I did most of mine. The people who make fun of these measures are the freemason trolls who don't want you to know what you can do to protect yourself from them.

I hope this information is helpful.

May the Almighty bless you and increase your peace.


Fat in Water, Warfarin also Suspected

Tuesday August 17th 2021

More aggressive traffic tactics

So it has been a very long time since i have submitted an update. Not much has changed. I would say it is status quo except for perhaps a few things.

Recently the traffic tactics are even more aggressive and frequent. Basically whenever I am on the road. They seem to be trying to create a collision that looks like I am the one at fault. They're often using lane merges, for example the merging lane to enter the highway. Everything is clear so i begin my merge then suddenly a car will speed out of the middle lane into the lane i am trying to merge into (this Sunday it was a black jeep) forcing me to slow down suddenly so i don't collide with the vehicle.

Electronic torture and water contamination continues

The electronic harassment is awful. When i line a wall with aluminum they find another angle or another frequency they can use. They know what frequencies make you vomit, give you stomach cramps, give you headaches, make you anxious etc. I just want to re-iterate that I am in good health with no signs of chronic disease. My cholesterol, blood pressure and weight have NEVER been high or even near to high. I have always been slender. I don't have a history of drinking, smoking or doing drugs. I don't even consume caffeine. So i am at like zero risk of dying of a heart attack. Furthermore, I am not depressed or suicidal in any way shape or form. I really look forward to seeing the Watchtower Pedophiles pay for their crimes against humanity. I recently saw a documentary about a woman who recovered from being in a comatose state for over 20 years and I have informed my family to NEVER PULL THE PLUG. Despite my difficulties i enjoy many aspects of life immensely and I have strong faith in the Almighty and in justice even if it seems slow.

So the water is still highly contaminated. So much so it has killed all my plants.

There is almost always emulsified fat in the water. I feel it on my hands. Don't ask me why most people cannot feel it. I seem to be one of the few that feels the water has an unusually thickened texture that leaves a fatty/ waxy film on the hands. I see the fat when I pressure cook the water. I guess this breaks the emulsion and allows the fat to rise to the surface where it creates a film. I also see it when I change my water filters.

I suspect there is also warfarin in the water because my nails become so weak when I am exposed to the water. I know this is a blood thinner and also very bad for the bones. I try my best to avoid it.

So this is a very brief update to declare i am relatively well despite the challenges. I am hoping for a brighter future in a world without the Watchtower, the Mafia or the Masons

May the will of the Almighty be fulfilled.







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