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( I am not one to write every detail of my daily life but I have decided to start this blog due to the escalation of the violence against me. This is what it is like to be a victim of gang stalking)


Harassment at work and the postal service

Saturday February 7th 2015
At work today a client named Karim entered the office. As he entered he asked me a really strange question, "Do you have a license to kill?". I gave him a puzzled look and he repeated his question, "Do you have a license to kill, a license to execute?".  He wanted some changes made to his file and wanted to know if I could make the changes. We discussed his issues and I told him that I would relay the information. I wasn't sure about one of the things he requested and wanted to make sure he was eligible. We had a polite interaction and when it was done he left the office. He was walking away, then a few seconds later, he turned around and walked back into the office saying,   "But you never answered my question. Do you have a license to kill?" I let him know that I would address his request before the end of the day.

Really strange. He repeated the sentence like three times and each time he did it with a sense of purpose.  I am not sure why he felt the need to use the word "kill". It was totally out of context. Or why he felt the need to come back into the office when his request had already been addressed. My best guess is that It was a veiled threat. Being a victim of harassment now for over 5 years, I am used to being threatened but not usually like this. In general, the threats are more indirect. It's rare that they directly address me using violent terminology. This guy walked into the office saying my name before he did his little skit. Previously people would walk near the office saying things like "Do you want me to get more violent?". Not addressing me personally but speaking loud enough for me to hear. This is more their style. The direct in your face approach is not the norm.

Saturday February 14th 2015
So at work this week I had two clients come in to ask for some information.  We were chatting and one of them pointed to a sign with the word "grey" on it. He said the word "grey" as he pointed and asked a question pertaining to the signage. Then a few seconds later he changes the topic pointing to the emergency kit we have on the wall and says, "defibrillator" and goes on to explain to his companion what this is for. ( I am actually not sure if it was a defibrillator or just an emergency medical kit or some other emergency kit , I have to go back and take a look at it ). It was really unnatural. I hope he is not an aspiring actor because his acting was pret-t-y bad.

Why is this significant to me? Because the term 'grey' is in the name of the elder who hit my car and I suspect that he is the main organizer of the harassment against me. This is a common type of scenario. Sometimes I think they do these things with a multifold purpose. 1- a veiled threat, 2- a trigger hoping that I would have an acute anxiety attack so they can say, 'this person is unstable, don't believe anything they say', or  3- an anchor, placing the word 'defibrillator' or 'grey' to the forefront of my mind so that I can connect it with something else…

Honestly I can't be bothered. I don't mean to sound nonchalant about my own harassment situation. What I mean is that I have learned to focus on the things that are important and the things that I can change. I would never have survived this long if I paid attention to every little incident of harassment or potential harassment.

This perpetrator guy probably does not even know the extent to which he is involving himself. I doubt he knows the significance of his actions or words. And if he does…oh well, may the Almighty bless him according to his intentions and his deeds.

Sunday February 15th 2015
Since being a victim of harassment I have had issues with the postal service. Some months ago I sent registered letters and a few days later when I looked at the tracking information online, it showed that the letters were sent to a completely different destination. I phoned the postal service and asked if they could confirm that the letters reached their intended destinations. Very interesting, the representatives stated a different postal code for the destination of the letters in their system. Their postal code did not correspond to the real destination postal code or to the online destination postal code. I had to phone the recipients of the letters to confirm that they had received them.They did reach their intended destinations however, it really bothered me that the destination online and in their system did not match the real destination. So I asked for someone to look into it and call me back. I had used registered letter tracking service for many years and never had any issues. I thought they would have a reasonable explanation to give me but interestingly enough I never received a response. I phoned several times to speak to the person to whom my issue was assigned and despite at least 3 attempts to contact her by phone and leaving voice messages…no response. For the longest while I have meant to call back and speak to a senior manager but I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. When you're a gang stalking victim, they like to keep you busy with one problem after another. I think this is how they get away with it most of the time. People become too exhausted to deal with every issue. Real life has more than enough problems. Being gang stalked on top of all of that is just overwhelming. So you let issues that are less urgent fall through the cracks and that means they get away with a lot… anyways…

Some might ask, why I bother with the mail issue since they did eventually reach their intended destinations. I bother because when I became a victim of gang stalking, I remember reading somewhere that your mail gets intercepted. I believe this is true. I am no longer able to order anything consumable by mail because it  gets tampered with. I can't prove yet that my mail is 'intercepted' because I am not sure if the items leave the company in a tampered state or if someone is literally intercepting and tampering with the packages. Either way, my mail is being tampered with. I have simply stopped ordering food or supplements by mail.







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