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( I am not one to write every detail of my daily life but I have decided to start this blog due to the escalation of the violence against me. This is what it is like to be a victim of gang stalking)


Jehovah's Pedophile Protectors and Their Masonic Network

Friday November 3rd 2017

It's been almost a year since my last entry.... I am still fighting the good fight. I simply haven't had the time to write anything. I have so many emergency situations I am dealing with it's difficult to decide which emergency to prioritize. And yet I am sitting here writing this. I feel compelled to do it. Sometimes in life one has to listen to the little voice inside. I've been ignoring that little voice for months but I could not ignore it this evening.

I will try to be brief. Not because there isn't that much to say. There is tons to say. But right now I am physically exhausted and I need to get some solid sleep tonight.

So they are still gas bombing me with their cars. I got blasted with a cocktail of chemicals last night. They especially like to get me when I am bringing in my groceries. I'm pretty vulnerable to these attacks at that moment because I have to go to and from the car several times to take the groceries out. I know it was a combination of chemicals because of the symptoms. They often use one type of chemical consistently for a few weeks until they switch to another one.

For several weeks they have been using a chemical that causes inflammation in your lungs and prevents you from getting enough oxygen into your body. I've never had asthma, bronchitis or pneumonia before so I was not familiar with what it feels like to not be able to fill my lungs with air.

On one occasion, I was gas bombed between 9 - 10pm at night as I was walking alone between my car and the entrance door. My area is pretty quiet at night so it makes me an easy target with little chance that they will affect anyone else.

When you're hit with this substance you instantly feel like you have a bad cold and your nasal passage feels very stuffy. Within 30 minutes that feeling of stuffiness spreads to your lungs. If you are not doing anything that requires physical exertion you probably won't realize to what extent your lung function has been compromised. If you don't do something to address it before you go to bed you will wake up the way I did. I woke up in the middle of the night gasping for air. I could barely breathe.

Besides not being able to breathe the only other feeling I remember having is a sensation in my head as though my brain was telling me that it was not getting enough oxygen. I rolled onto my back and discovered that it was a little easier to breathe in that position. My hands did not turn blue like when you're exposed to cyanide - but my hands were very pale.

I had never been in this situation before so I didn't know what to do. But I realized that if I did nothing my situation could be fatal. As I lay there on my back trying to figure out why there was so much 'resistance' in my lungs I realized that every few minutes or so my situation was deteriorating. My ability to breathe was just getting worse. I had to consciously tell myself to stay calm because if I panicked it would only make the situation worse.

I know this might sound cliché but when a solution is not coming to me I turn to the Almighty. I said a short prayer and I did feel a mild wave of relief suddenly come over me. I got just enough relief for my brain to get more oxygen so I could think more clearly. And I contemplated what an asthmatic or someone with bronchitis would do. I assumed that they would take something to reduce inflammation and/or decongest their lungs. So that is what I did.

I rubbed decongestants on my chest and took internally anything that I thought could help to 'open up' my lungs. And indeed it did help. My body went into a phase where I breathed extremely deeply for what seemed like 30 minutes and during this time I felt a tingling sensation in my fingers and toes. I realized that I was beginning to feel them again. It was frightening to realize that I had lost awareness of my fingers and my toes and didn't know.

After some time I looked at my hands and saw they were no longer as pale as they were before. But although I was feeling much better the situation was still unresolved. I was still feeling that my ability to breathe was deteriorating every few minutes. I realized that I had to Open the Windows and Aerate the place to get the chemical out of my living space. In addition I had to Remove From My Bedroom the Clothing I was Wearing when I was Gas Bombed. Only after I did these 3 steps 1- use decongestants and anti-inflammatories to open up my lungs 2- remove the clothing from the bedroom 3- aerate the whole area - was I able to feel lasting relief.

It's past midnight and I really need to get to bed but before I do I want to make this point.

I found myself in a position where I could have been in a head on collision with police officers. The officer driving had the flashers and sirens on and out of nowhere swung out of the lane to drive in the lane of oncoming traffic. The police car stopped dangerously close to my vehicle. I had two similar incidents with the police within the same week not to mention the countless other ways the police harass me.

I have come to realize the judicial system as well as the police force is part of the masonic network the Jehovah's Witness Organization is also part of. The Watchtower is capable of of using the power and ressources of this network because they are members.

This network is as powerful as its ability to keep people quiet about their crimes against humanity. They use what some have described as unregistered/ or off the book chemicals to poison people. People are being targeted and poisoned daily and they don't even know it. I'm lucky because I at least KNOW that I am a target.

Had I gone to the hospital emergency with my breathing problem they probably would have used their medical masons to diagnose me with sleep apnea or one of the conditions mentioned above which they would consider a more likely explanation than my explanation. I suppose the onus would be on me to disprove their medical diagnosis. I would probably be prescribed a few medications that I have to take daily. This is a situation that one should avoid. It's too easy to slow poison someone through the meds they take regularly...

I realIy must get to bed now. I know I have only provided a glimpse into what I have to deal with but I felt compelled to write this. Hopefully my experience will help someone else who has to deal with the Watchtower and their masonic harassment network.

I will try to share more experiences soon.

Before signing off I want to say that I am impressed with some of the activism work I have seen against the watchtower. I think they knew this was coming and this is why they deliberately moved their headquarters out of the big city. I'm sure they would prefer to have protesters come to their remote area rather than protest in the city.

I have to say though that some of the activism does seem staged like the 66 million dollar class action lawsuit I read about against the Watchtower in Canada. I'm sure there are more than 66 victims of Watchtower sexual abuse in Canada. How on earth are you going to make a victim of sexual abuse settle for less than 1 million in compensation. Be vigilant, Watchtower uses controlled opposition to attempt to control the efforts of their enemies. It's the good cop bad cop strategy all over again.

And what happened to the 3 billion dollar lawsuit against the watchtower in Australia. I hope their royal commission on child abuse does not exempt 'Jehovah's Pedophile Protectors' from the full extent of punitive damage payments.

I am glad to see that the light is being shone on Scientology abuses by Leah Remini and her crew. Her show Scientology theAftermath is super! I'm pretty sure Scientology and the Watchtower use the same or similar strategies to harass/ attack opposers. I always felt that Marty Rathburn (I think his name is ), probably realized that he and his family were being poisoned and he felt had to do a 180 for the sake or protecting his family .

It's not an easy thing to go through. But the more people who speak up about being poisoned by these organizations the more difficult it will become for them to get away with it.

Victory belongs to those who pursue truth and justice.

Thanks for reading.

May the Almighty be with you.


It's morning. I woke up not too long ago. Two things I want to mention.

The international network of spies that was mentioned in the Scientology movie 'Going Clear' is the International Network of Masons. It's an extremely dangerous organization that requires blind obedience from its members like the Watchtower Organization. I had no I idea the Watchtower organization was a masonic organization when I joined many years ago. Furthermore I did not know who the masons are and what they are about.

They have a multitude of front organizations; government, businesses, entertainment and churches. It would seem that they own almost everything. I know that many of you reading this are associated with a masonic organization and have no clue. When you are asked to do something you probably won't be given the real reason. Point being that if you are taking orders from anyone associated with them, you are actively participating in their network.

And yes they will help you. They will help you with your business and boost your career but at the end of the day when you are no longer profitable, when they can no longer use you to generate money or if you start asking too many questions, they will attempt to eliminate you.

It's an organization that most say you can not leave. If leaving physically is too dangerous it's important to leave mentally and try to use your position within the organization to bring it down.

The second thing I wanted to mention is that they seem to be able to easily hack into anything that has wireless functionality. Anything infra red ( like your television with remote) or wifi, they can get into. The thing is, try to purchase anything today that does not have wireless functionality. Even the DVR for your security system has a remote control. Know that if you can control it remotely so can someone else.

They were screwing around with my alarm system. I was sitting at home and received a call from the alarm central about a motion detector. I checked it out and all was normal. There was nothing that fell or moved that could cause the signal. It's at least the third time something like this has happened.

In addition they are using voice modulators to modify the sound/ information I hear when I am on the phone talking to people. I recorded an example and played it for a few people. Everyone is dumfounded. We all agree that what we hear is completely different from what the representative is actually saying. I made the representative repeat himself until I heard what he meant to say. Even with the worse line conditions we can't explain how the words could be modified to that extent.

I've had the telephone company here many times to trouble shoot but they can find nothing wrong. Finally I did some research and learned that they can hack into the modem. I suspect this is also how they were able to send the fake alarm signals as the modem is attached to my phone network. I used to leave the modem on all the time. Now I only leave it on when I am on the internet. The actual network password is visible on the screen and I have asked the phone company to make it a standard that it does not appear on screen. Anyone using Tempest Technology can see the password on your screen and acces your modem. I spoke with a supervisor who was supposed to get back to me but he never did. I am so busy that I haven't had the time to follow-up. I was told by one technician that the phone company takes no responsibility for my modem being hacked if that is the case. They are simply concerned that all functions properly and their responsibility ends there.

Never thought I would be in to locksmithing but currently I am looking into getting a key cutting machine so I can cut my own keys instead of using the services of a locksmith. I've learned to change the locks and cores on my own. Now I need to learn to cut my own keys and rekey the locks. I would recommend that anyone who is targeted do the same.


Over Eight Years of Being Targeted by Jehovah's Pedophile and Masonic Network

Thursday September 27th 2018

I don't consider myself a very proud person but I am proud to have survived so many years of attempts on my life and harassment. I am also extremely grateful that the Almighty has considered me worthy enough to bless me with the wisdom knowledge and perseverance it takes to withstand all of this abuse.

There is no change in the harassment. It still occurs daily. They continue to use a lot of vehicle or traffic harassment where they aim to set me up to get me into an accident...

As usual I have much to tell but I will have to set aside more time soon to do a proper entry with hopefully information that can help others.







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