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( I am not one to write every detail of my daily life but I have decided to start this blog due to the escalation of the violence against me. This is what it is like to be a victim of gang stalking)


Jehovah's Witnesses are trying to murder me

Tuesday January 20th 2015
Today I had not even a teaspoon of some brown sugar that I had purchased at the grocery store about a week ago. Within less than a minute, I started experiencing pain in my joints and and poor circulation on the right side of my body. These Jehovah's Witnesses are literally trying to kill me. I have already made written complaints to the police, complaints to the organization that oversees the conduct of the police, and even an official complaint to the organization that oversees the organization that oversees the police. Yes this may sound somewhat comical - trust me in reality it's not. At this point I am seriously considering going public with my story. I might have to if I want to stick around....

Wednesday January 21st 2015
I feel I need to give some background detail to explain why the harassment against me is so intense. A few years ago I filed a harassment complaint with the police against some elders in my congregation. I was told there was not enough concrete evidence to investigate and that I should continue to inform the police of other incidences. To make a long story short, approximately two years later my car was hit from the back on the highway by one of the elders who was in the original complaint. I informed the police of the incident. Not only did they refuse to investigate but they refused to update my harassment complaint with the declaration of the accident. They even confiscated the declaration! It gets worse. They insisted that I take a medical exam to prove that I am physically and mentally fit to drive. So I did and there were no issues. Then they required me to take a driving exam to prove that I have good driving skills. No issues there either (but the examiner was really weird, that's another story). After I passed these evaluations I filed  a complaint against the police for violating the police code of conduct. So now, not only am I dealing with the harassment of Jehovah's Witnesses but the police is also potentially involved. I could be naive but I think some of the harassment is too sophisticated for the Witnesses to pull off on their own.

Thursday January 22nd 2015
I have pictures of the '666' plates they like to use in my harassment, I will get around to posting them.  Yesterday on my way to work  a pick up truck with this number on the plate drove next to my vehicle. He was revving his engine as he passed, potentially to get my attention. A short while after, a black car entered the circulation from a 90 degree angle but instead of entering his lane he was clearly driving over the line and into the middle lane where I was. Had I not slowed down quickly enough he would have bashed into the side of my vehicle. This is an example of how they try to set up accidents.

Friday January 23rd 2015
There is a blue pick up truck that drives up and down my street revving its engine. I tried to get the plate number but it's covered with mud. The revving sound becomes more prominent and annoying when I am on the phone talking to my family or friends about the harassment. When the harassment started a few years ago, they were screeching their tires in front of my residence. I phoned the police a few times to complain about the noise. I think other people in the neighborhood complained as well. The stalkers started using very loud engine revving instead. Intolerably loud, I am sure it was over the legal limit. I phoned the police to complain about that too. After a while they adjusted the sound so that it seems to be now  within the legal limit ...I am pretty sure it is just under the limit, but it's still super annoying. This is an example of how they do their noise campaigns. Sometimes they will do it ALL NIGHT to deprive their victims of sleep. 

Friday January 30th 2015
Thought I would give an update on how I am doing after being poisoned about a week ago. I was debating whether or not I should go to the hospital. The right side of my body is still affected though it is much better. If I don't recover 100% I may have no choice.

Today on my way to work, while I was on the highway, I was in a lane that merges with another lane. A large18 wheeler truck was on my left. Before the lanes actually merge into one, there is a triangle shaped zone between us that neither of us is supposed to cross. This truck was clearly driving over the line and into that forbidden zone. He wasn't driving straight ahead. It was like he was deliberately driving at an angle to hit me. I slowed down so much it was practically like stopping the car. He was driving fast and moved away from my vehicle too quickly for me to see his plate. Someone told me once that when the mafia tries to cause accidents they usually do it with large trucks. That thought crossed my mind. Not that I think the mafia is after me as well.... Is it possible that he didn't see me? May be but he was driving dangerously and crossing boundaries that he shouldn't have. Thank God I didn't get hurt. As I write this I can hear a car with a modified muffler driving in front of my residence. I am fully convinced that people who participate in this type of harassment are psychopathic in nature.







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