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( I am not one to write every detail of my daily life but I have decided to start this blog due to the escalation of the violence against me. This is what it is like to be a victim of gang stalking)


Increased Vehicle /Traffic Harassment - Their Aim is to Damage my Car

Friday August 21st 2015

Over the past week people have deliberately tried to hit my car on 4 different occasions. They are not respecting basic traffic rules at stop signs. They are entering the intersection first though they were the last to arrive to it. On one occasion the driver did not indicate his intention to make a left turn. He started driving straight and then suddenly after I started entering the intersection he decided that he suddenly wanted to turn. Good thing I was taking my time and driving really slowly. I stopped before he hit my car...

On my way home I was cut off dangerously twice. The first guy was a police officer. He cut me off before putting on his flashers and his siren. Then he proceeded to drive in between two lanes. He was halfway in the right lane and halfway in the middle lane. I did not know which lane to use to to move out from behind him. I honked at him out of frustration and he turned on his flashers and his siren. Then I heard a voice. I realized that he was using his loud speaker to speak to someone. For a split second I thought it might be me. He moved completely into the right lane and I moved into the left lane. As I drove pas him I saw that he was driving closely behind a black car that was slowing down to a stop.

Sure it looked like a real intervention but I don't think it was. When you are targeted they will sometimes use tactics like this to mess with your head. 'You' re not the target. The police officer was simply carrying out a routine traffic intervention. You must be paranoid or simply misinterpreting the situation yada yada yada.'

I usually just ignore incidents such as these because I would not be able to prove that it was meant as a form of harassment. But what is clear is that the officer should not have cut me off the way he did. He should have followed protocol and put on his flashers and his sirens to alert everyone that he was about to do an intervention. Secondly he should not have been driving in between lanes.

Just a few minutes later I was cut off in the same way by a guy in a black Landrover. Then this guy proceeded to cut off two other people in front of me in the same way....What are the chances of being cut off in exactly the same way, on the same day with the incidences being just minutes a part. I found it really strange that the people he proceeded to cut off in front of me showed no sign that it was an unwelcomed maneuver. As I recall, I was the only one who beeped my horn at him.

Why the heightened violence? Because I was coming back from a Jehovah's Witness Assembly. This is their way of showing me that I am not welcomed there. There were a few other traffic incidences as well and then there was the car with the '666' plate followed by one with a tripple 'PPP' plate and then a car with plate that had 'ADD'. They also like to use plates that say 'DED'. I am so used to this stuff it's like the norm for me. I'm pretty sure that if I pay closer attention, there is some cryptic meaning they are trying to convey besides the obvious 'dead' message. I see their shenanigans but I honestly don't have the time or the desire to spend too much time thinking about this nonsense. That woud just be unhealthy.

So of course they are all smiles with you and polite with you at the assembly. Even the elder who banned me from going back to the kingdom hall came up to me. I was literally trying to avoid him when I saw that he was moving towards me but he said my name out loud so I decided to play along with his little game. He shook my hand and told me it was such a pleasure to see me. I couldn't help being a little sarcastic, "A pleasure to see me? Wow what a surprise hearing that coming from you." But of course this is classic Jehovah's Witness hypocrisy. They are the experts in psychological warfare. They will smile in your face while they slow poison you and watch you die. They will even pray for you and tell you to "Leave it in the hands of Jehovah".

It doesn't get much more evil than this.

I prefer wicked people who are overtly wicked. You know, the kind you know to stay away from based on the way they walk and talk. I have a special disdain for the wicked people who walk around wearing suits and ties and quoting scripture.

I don't think people understand what Jehovah's Witnesses really mean when they say "Do not bring shame on Jehovah's Name". This is code for 'make sure that your misdeeds are done in secret'. Of course the uninitiated understand that it means that one should not sin because it brings shame to the name of God. But once you understand how their psychological warfare works you realize the true sinister meaning behind the phrase that we hear so often in the kingdom hall.


The Water Supply Has Been Contaminated. It's Affecting the Entire Neighborhood.

Friday August 21st 2015

I have reason to believe that it's radiation. There is no uncharacteristic odor or flavour of the water but upon ingestion you simply start to feel ill. A friend was in my apartment the other day and told me at first the water was fine though she felt a strange pulling sensation in her head after having one cup. She took another cup maybe 30 minutes later and told me the water had given her an instant headache. I asked her if she was sure it was the water and she said she was sure.

I had it tested by the city and they said it was fine. I asked them if they tested for radiation and they said they did not perform that test. Apparently it is not expensive to do. One simply needs a radiation meter that can be purchased for under $100. I find it surprising they would conclude that the water was safe for consumption after only checking the chlorine and bacteria levels. I mean you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that water can have other types of contaminants.

I took a shower in the water and felt a strange tingling sensation all over my body during and for some time after taking the shower. It didn't hurt so I did't think much of it. The next day I felt so weak and sick. I felt like I was dying. That's when I realized there was something wrong with the water. I dragged myself out of bed. Had a meal and took lots of fresh fruits and vegetables....and I tried not to use the water. I used it only to wash the dishes while wearing gloves. Not much else. Not even to brush my teeth. After two days or so I was back to my normal self. I've been living in the same place for 10 years and never experienced such a problem. It's really weird but this problem started roughly 3 weeks before the Assembly. It's a weird coincidence and I know I am not the only one affected by this problem. I washed my hands in a public washroom in the neighborhood and I felt the same tingling feeling when my hands were under the water. What I find fascinating is that the city told me they had not received a lot of complaints about the water. To their knowledge I was the only one describing the symptoms that I described. I don't know much about radiation but I did read that everyone gets sick according to their own physiological weaknesses. I never got a headache from the water like my friend. But then again I rarely get headaches.

It's getting kind of late. I would like to learn more about radiation contamination in water when I have the time. I definitely need to follow-up on this.


The Candace Conti Appeal Verdict Was Simply Wrong

Sunday October 18th 2015

I have wanted to write my thoughts about this for quite some time but I just can't seem to find the time. Very briefly I wanted to say that it is interesting that Candace and her lawyer came to some agreement with Jonathan Kendrick during the trial to prevent him from "Harassing" Candace. It's been a while and I need to re-read the court proceedings for the details. But it's interesting that she was concerned about being harassed by a Jehovah's Witness in the first place. Since when are witnesses known to harass people anyways right?

Well Candace was practically a Jehovah's Witness and she spent several years in the organization. Perhaps she has some knowledge about how they operate or perhaps Kendrick had literally started harassing her. Like I have said before, the average Joe has no idea what Theocratic Warfare or Organized Harassment is or how it works. I do recall reading that Jehovah's Witnesses had spread terrible rumours about Candace being a drug user and a whore/prostitute. She is probably not even aware that this is part of the organized harassment tactics.

I 'm pretty sure they were using subliminal mind control tactics to stress her out but she may not have been consciously aware of it. For example, she may have experienced more traffic incidents but may never have connected it to the Watchtower. I am fortunate that I know the source of my harassment and I have even seen members of my congregation out and about participating in organized harassment against me. But it seems like Candace had not been in a congregation or assembly for a while...

Anyways, I say that the verdict was wrong because their judgement was based on the fact that the Watchtower did not have a legal obligation to report child abuse to the police. Ok, we all get that reporting is not mandatory. However the ruling failed to address the illegal coercion tactics, threats and blackmail that prevent people from going to the police or from supporting the victim. The court should have recognized that the Watchtower breaks the law every time they threaten to shun or excommunicate someone for reporting sexual abuse.

So while Watchtower may not be obliged by law to report, it is illegal for them to obstruct justice by preventing someone from reporting criminal activity.

It was abundantly clear that the Watchtower prevents people from reporting to the authorities.

Shame, shame, shame on the three judges for overlooking the criminal role of the Watchtower in the cover up of pedophelia. The court system is simply broken.



The Ungodly Two Witness Rule - Jehovah's Witnesses Pick Which Scriptures They Want to Follow

Sunday October 18th 2015

It's getting to the point where one must concluded that Jehovah's Witnesses are deliberately protecting Pedophiles and simply misusing scripture to do so.

In the Australian Commission on child abuse, it was stated that for the past 65 years there has been on average one complaint of sexual abuse within the Jehovah's Witnesses every month and yet not one case was ever brought to the police in 65 years. OMG! Excuse the expression but this shows that there must be very powerful forms of coercion in place to prevent all of these cases from being reported. One article I read stated that people had received death threats from the Watchtower. I am pretty sure they are also using organized harassment to prevent people from contacting the authorities or moving forward with their complaints. It's pretty obvious that people are afraid to complain. When you read statements that some ex jw's make about the organization it's like they are all dropping hints about organized harassment but no one is coming right out and stating it explicitly or perhaps they don't realize that it is organized harassment.

Why do I say the Two Witness Rule is UNGODLY?

But if out in the country a man happens to meet a young woman pledged to be married and rapes her, only the man who has done this shall die. Deut 22:25

This scripture makes no reference to two witnesses being a requirement. They are out in a field where no one can hear the woman if she screams for help and despite this The Almighty requires that the man be put to death.

A matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses. Deut 19:15

Now in some cases the word witness or testimony has been translated as evidence from the Hebrew. Any good Jehovah's Witness knows that The Almighty does not contradict himself. Especially within the same book of the bible LOL. Both of these scripture are from the book of Deuteronomy and yet they convey two completely different concepts of justice. If the hebrew term were translated as "evidence" as I believe it should be in this case, then there is no contradiction. The testimony of the victim and DNA evidence or some other type of evidence could serve as the second witness. I don't think I have revealed anything that is particularly scholarly here. I would say this is common sense.

The Jehovah's Witnesses always refer to Deut 19:15 when it comes to dealing with child abuse and quite frankly it sound like it was meant to deal more with a business dispute but I know that might be subject to debate. Deut 22:25 on the other hand is dealing very clearly with the subject of sexual abuse and therefore is extremely relevant when it comes to developing policies to deal with pedophiles. Yet the Watchtower Never Never Never Refers to Deut 22:25.

Surely the collective wisdom of the 7-12 men who made up the governing body over the past 65 years could see the that their reasoning is not in line with the will of The Almighty.

It was stated on an Australian news cast that the Jehovah's Witness cover up of pedophilia is potentially the worst in history, surpassing the scandalous cover-up in the catholic church.

Come to your own conclusions but they have a 24,000 pedophile database that they refuse to give to authorities even when subpoenaed to do so, they have over 1,000 known cases of pedophilia reported to the Australian Watchtower branch alone, there are statements on the web suggesting that most if not all congregations have pedophiles, some Australians said they refrained from reporting because they had received death threats, even I suspect that certain individuals in my congregation are pedophiles and guess what, they happen to be heavily involved in my harassment. In addition, ex jw's and others report phone tappings, car tracking, spying, death threats, poisoning and other forms of organized harassment related to various issues. How is it that an organization can have that many victims of sexual abuse, just based on the 24,000 registry and the numbers in Australia alone, and yet so few victims who have come forward over the years.

Like I said, come to your own conclusions, but it looks like the Watchtower does everything it can to protect it's pedophiles without losing face.

And now it has come the point where they are actually losing face because it's obvious that they have cherry picked biblical verses and their two witness rule is simply nonsense.

The Watchtower is misusing scripture to protect pedophiles and I believe they are using organized harassment as well.



The Organized Harassment I am Dealing With - My October Update

Sunday October 18th 2015

-Ok so my water supply is still contaminated with Radiation I believe. Still working on validating this after the city's inspectors failed miserably to do their job.

-They constantly try to prevent me from receiving my earnings. I usually receive some of my checks for work through the mail. A few weeks ago the company sent me a check that was unsigned. I didn't notice and I deposited the check. A week or so later I received a notice in the mail from the bank stating that the check could not be deposited because it was not signed. Now, another check is over 1 month late and a third check is also suspiciously late.

Since the beginning of the harassment I have had an increasing number if incidents where I am paid late - like months late. One check I received literally over three months after it was expected. Guess what?! the person I was working for, well her father happens to be a member of my congregation. Coincidence? I think not.

Let's just say that when I found out who she was, I was out of there. She had asked me to stay on stating that she had actually left the organization because she did not marry a JW yada yada yadada...I was only there a few days and the harassment was already in full swing. I told here that I would not work for her.

Just because she is an ex jw does not mean that she does not continue to be controlled by them.

Anyways it took as I said over 3 months to be paid for the few days that I worked for her. I had to phone the HR department several times.Now I am waiting for checks that represent weeks of hard work where at times I was up until 2AM. It's always hard to know where in the chain things went wrong. Has the company really mailed out the checks, has the mailman decided not to deliver....You can't know.

-I am accustomed to experiencing a high rate of vehicle cut-offs. It's simply part of my life now whether I like it or not. But last week was a little more ridiculous than usual. One night as I was driving home I was cut off.... wait, let me give some details. First I noticed that when I wanted to enter the lane the car coming was driving in between two lanes so it would have been dangerous for me to enter the lane. So I let that car pass before I turned into the lane. So there's only two lanes. A few meters into the lane I get cut off by a car in the left lane, then not even a second later, I get cut off on my right by a car that is squeezing itself into my lane. Oh my goodness. I don't even know how an accident was avoided...

It happened so fast. I don't think I got the plates with my car camera.

-Friday of this week as I was driving home and a large truck insisted on driving uncomfortably close to me at the back. He even had the nerve to honk at me insinuating that I was driving too slowly while up a head the vehicles were coming to a sudden stop. I guess the hope was that I would feel pressured to accelerate and end up in a collision with the car in front of me. Then when he finally changed lanes he came extremely close to scratching the side of my car as he drove past me. He was uncomfortably close. Anyways I've know this for a while, that I need to get cameras at the back and sides of the car as well.

Last week as I was trying to merge unto the highway. A car in the lane I was trying to merge into literally stopped. No joke. He stopped his vehicle. He was not even driving slowly. Luckily I was able to simply drive past him and go on my way. I wish I had a camera at a side angle to film him. Plus I had a limited amount of time to get to my destination. I didn't have the time to deal with the driver.



Watchtower Sends Activists to Jail - Check out the Interview with Derek O'Hare

Sunday October 18th 2015



Does Watchtower Use Controlled Opposition Tactics?

to be continued



Rumors of Watchtower's Financial Problems - Deliberately Planted To Dissuade Compensation Requirements For Abuse Cases?

Sunday October 18th 2015

I mean they just sold a bunch of buildings in New York for millions if not billions of dollars. The vast majority of all labor is voluntary so they pay very little for maintenance and construction. Apparently they have their own farm where they grow their own food, they are estimated to be worth 4.5 billion worldwide, they are listed among New York city's top 5 or 10 richest corporations if I remember correctly.....How can you exhaust that much money when you have so few expenses compared to other companies AND your tax exempt.

I think they want people to believe that they have little money so people are deterred from demanding financial compensation. How convenient that they are crying poverty and asking for increased donations just when the Australian Commission on sexual abuse is underway.

Don't mean to burst your bubble people but it's going to take a lot more than a few payouts for sexual abuse to bring the Watchtower down. These people are not millionaires they are billionaires. They buy their own media coverage, create their own reality and buy justice. Wake up people. I am not saying it's an impossible task. I am saying it will take a lot more than the pedophilia scandals.

I'm all for exposing pedophilia and shunning but there's also a lot of other types of criminal activity going on like murder and money laundering etc. People know things but are not talking. Their silence is protecting this powerful organization.

The only way to really take their power, I think, is to have their charitable status revoked.

Anyways I have lots to do so I have to run, but I'm glad I took the time to write these entries because they've been on my mind for quite some time. I've just been super, super busy.

Thanks for reading and may The Almighty bless you!







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